FAA Certifications

What it means to be FAA Approved and Insured

  • Los Feliz Airlines holds both FAA 333 exemption and FAA Part 107 certification for motion picture, television, and closed set filming.

    • FAA 333 exemption allows the use of drones heavier than 55 pounds, necessary for high-end commercial applications that require heavy payloads mounted on larger, more powerful drones.

    • FAA Part 107 certification allows the use of drones and other small unmanned aircrafts weighing less than 55 pounds.

  • With our FAA 107.29 night waivers certification, we are authorized to fly night operations.

  • Our pilots are fully licensed and FAA certified to operate drones as well as full-sized aircrafts in the national airspace. Our experience in flying manned aircrafts provides us with acute knowledge for expertly and safely navigating our drones.

  • We only operate with an FAA approved filming manual.

  • All of our aircrafts are registered and in compliance with the FAA.

  • We are fully insured and carry a minimum of $5 million general liability aviation insurance.

  • We are experienced in communicating with the FAA and handling all drone/flight permits.