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Raised in the Midwest by an artist mother and an engineer father, Béla Temesváry was exposed at an early age to many interests and ideas that led him to his love of photography. “I had the opportunity in my early years to travel and learn my craft, as well as learn the art of still and motion photography.”

With a creative career spanning over 25 years, Béla has countless experiences working with still campaigns, feature films, documentaries, and commercials. He has worked with production companies, ad agencies, and countless brands across the U.S. and around the globe. While keeping a pulse on industry trends, his innate interest in technology led him to develop and build his first multi rotor UAV filming platform in 2011.

Béla is a FAA-certified, full scale and UAV pilot, and uses his expertise as a helicopter and manned aircraft pilot to understand the various obstacles involved in successfully capturing the intended imagery for LFA clients.


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Philadelphia native Steve Galichinski has always had a passion for creative exploration. As the son of a big band musician father and choir singer mother, Steve grew up with constant encouragement for his sense of exploration, and was instilled with a passion for creative expression and a strong work ethic.

Throughout his career, Steve has worked in a variety of roles in the entertainment industry, including as a writer, director, producer, editor, camera operator and art director for television, commercials, internet projects, and live music events.

Steve’s years of directing and story telling adds tremendous talent to the LFA aerial cinematography team in his roles as a pilot and camera operator.


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As a second generation native of Los Angeles, Francine Weiner was always surrounded by Hollywood influences, so it was only natural for her bring her passion and eye for design into the film industry.

Francine brings decades of experience and expertise in television commercials to the LFA team. Having established a strong presence in this community, she has executive and line produced hundreds of commercials and print campaigns for international and national advertisers.

With endless experience meeting the most extreme deadlines and challenging of circumstances, Francine excels at managing clients’ budgets while still achieving their creative goals. “I’ve seen a lot of changes in the world of production, and I consider it my expertise and responsibility to ensure that the absolute finest product is achieved.”