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Los Feliz Airlines is an FAA-certified, aerial cinematography company based in Los Angeles and operating worldwide. Our experienced, Part 61 certified pilots can expertly fly to achieve your creative vision. We utilize various aerial platforms ranging from heavy lift UAV to full-scale, single rotor helicopters and airplanes.

As the first aerial cinematographers to fly on the film lots at Paramount Studios, we are repeatedly trusted by industry leaders to capture their vision without compromising cost or safety.

In addition to aerial cinematography, we offer custom ground pursuit camera solutions. Click below to learn more about the services that we provide to obtain your perfect shot.







DEFCOM Media Group

A secret weapon, a powerful ally… these are the thoughts that come to mind when I think of Los Feliz Airlines. Collaboration means everything, and with LFA, I always get critical feedback and solutions to challenging situations because of their vast experience and investment into the latest techniques. Within minutes, typical fears are put to bed upon watching the masters at work, operating with skilled precision that is unmatched and hard to find in today’s industry. There is no better feeling than watching an entire crew high-giving all around after a big take - with LFA, it’s par for the course.


We worked with Los Feliz Airlines in order to capture attention-grabbing footage with a unique aerial perspective. Our team had a productive shoot, rolling video using a powerful professional camera/drone setup. The end product was an instrumental part of our product launch and got over 500,000 views in 30 days. I strongly recommend LFA for any job.

Spur Productions

We recently teamed with Los Feliz Airlines on two challenging Nike projects driven by diverse, high action concepts and locations. LFA is just great. Béla and Steve bring DP talent, knowledge, multiple camera options like movi, aerial, drone, tero, etc., aerial permitting support, and professionalism by land, air and sea!

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