We have been filming and flying since long before drones were found on store shelves. Our breadth of experience continually prepares us to think ahead and avoid pitfalls that can stall projects.

LFA’s mission is to make your job simpler so you can focus on creative tasks while we handle permits, insurance, and FAA waivers. You can achieve the perfect shot with our thorough planning and preparation of location, weather, safety, and airspace.

Staying at the forefront of trends and techniques is the key to giving our clients the best product. We continually focus on learning new technologies in order to give you the best in the industry.

We love to collaborate and are here to help in the process. Contact us for more information on how we can bring your creative vision to life.


Flight CREW

Unlike many other drone companies, the LFA flight crew are experts in both aviation and the motion picture industry.

We are a team of FAA licensed, full scale pilots and certified drone pilots. This means that we know how to fly full scale aircrafts and understand all of the variables that can affect flight, such as location, weather, and safety. This knowledge is a significant advantage over FAA Part 107-only pilots who usually only have experience flying drones over controlled film sets.

Our team also brings extensive experience within the film industry to each project. Our flight crews are made up of film makers (DPs, directors, producers, and camera operators), so we understand the day-to-day operations on set and how to design a shot to tell a story.


Aerial Equipment

Safety is paramount in what we do, and that’s why we utilize the latest technology in the industry. We proudly fly Freefly system drones and gimbals in order to ensure that we have the safest, rock steady gear. This equipment is the heart of our operations, and is capable of flying just about any cinema camera in use.

In addition to drones, we offer a variety of ground operation pursuit type vehicles to provide more options for achieving your goals.


pursuit vehicle

LFA Pursuit Vehicle.png

The LFA pursuit vehicle is versatility, function, and comfort in one. 

Our fully-customized, all-terrain Expedition comes complete with a director station (for direct communication with the flight crew) allowing directors and DPs comfort from the outside elements.

A truss system is in place so the Movi Pro can act as a remote head on the front of the vehicle allowing for possible elevation changes. A rear operation platform allows camera on the fly for closed set filming.

We leave nothing to chance and have established a full video downlink work station and communication center for the flight crew and tower communications. Contact us to learn more about your options with our pursuit vehicle.